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Comtel VoIP is the Simpler Affordable Voip Phone System

Comtel VoIP provides Buffalo and Western New York with premium voice and data services, no matter what voip phone system solution you need or where you are. We can offer fully hosted voice service to your office, using Aastra or Polycom IP phones. Comtel VoIP offers countless features like call queuing, simultaneous ring, and unified messaging. Stable VoIP has arrived in Buffalo.

See how the fully managed service, extensive features and reliability of Comtel VoIP make it the smart voice and data voip phone system solution for your business!

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Comtel Offers Business Telephone System Solutions for Companies of all Sizes in Western NY

Whether you need a few phones – or several hundred – Comtel has a business telephone system that’s right for you. From small business to enterprise solutions, Comtel carries a wide selection of models to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes all throughout Buffalo and Western NY.

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Creative Financing and Leasing Options

Strengthen Your Company, Invest in Customer Satisfaction and Productivity. Comtel offers a variety of purchase, financing and leasing options, allowing you to choose the payment option that’s right for your business. Leasing offers a low initial cost, allows companies to keep up with the latest technology, improves cash flow and offers substantial tax benefits. Leasing a phone system from Comtel comes with one other important benefit – peace of mind.

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  • Do you own a business or call center in or around Buffalo and are looking to implement an efficient phone system to boost productivity and customer satisfaction?
At Comtel, we take our job very seriously as our goal is to furnish all of the businesses in the region, both large and small, with a proven and effective VOIP Phone System.

You might have heard of VOIP before but are unsure as to what it means. The “VO” stands for "Voice over" and the "IP" stands for "Internet Protocol." In other words, a VOIP Phone System is one where the business can deliver and receive voice calls over the internet. The ability to do this opens up the door to a huge number of valuable features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Some of those features include: Dial by Name, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Distinct Ringing, Call Monitoring, Call Park, Call Forward, Call Detail Records, Flexible Inbound Ringing (customer controlled), Interactive Directory List, Paging, Hot Desking, Day/Night/Holiday Greeting, Caller ID, Speed Dial, Simultaneous Ring and a host of others that will prove useful and convenient.

When you choose Comtel to install your IP Phone System in Buffalo, NY, you’re choosing a company with decades of experience in business phone solutions, along with a long list of client testimonials that stand as proof toward our dedication to quality customer service and our superior workmanship. As a matter of fact, we not only install our VOIP Phone Systems, we also maintain them and troubleshoot, as well. That means you’re never left out in the cold, which could mean a decrease in customer retention and profits.

We have experience working with businesses in all types of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, automotive dealerships, financial services and more. The fact is, no matter what industry a business falls into, their need for an IP Phone System is crucial if they expect to expand, progress and grow into the future.

These days, businesses need VOIP Phone System Solutions more than ever before. They need to keep up with technology and not be left behind. Comtel represents a number of the major carriers that our clients work with including Windstream Communications, Verizon, Time Warner, Earthlink Business and more. Contact us today for information on how you can take the next step toward a more profitable and communicative future.