Evaluating New Telephone Systems



The telecommunications landscape has seen many changes.  Like a winding road, there are twists and turns as clients look toward alternatives for deploying solid technology.  Many business organizations today have similar objectives when evaluating new telephone systems:

Minimize expense

Grow revenue

Implement reliable solutions

The line can be blurred often times between acceptable products and new-age applications insofar as finding what works best for a specific business.  In our experience, we find much confusion in the marketplace.  This paper will aim to provide greater clarity with respect to selecting new VoIP system technology, and why you might consider systems such as Toshiba Phone Systems such as the IPedge, or our own hosted VoIP from Comtel.


What’s all the fuss?

Today, tech terms get tossed around like they’re going out of style.  VoIP, Unified communications, SIP, MPLS, Cloud, the list goes on. What’s worse, some of the terms are used incorrectly, and can easily be misinterpreted.  In the end the objective never changed, but the solution one expected was anything but. Our first recommendation – keep it simple when evaluating new telephone systems.  After all, that is what has always worked best.  Surely, you want to invest in systems that will provide what is needed today, and you will also want to know that your investment will stand the test of time.  The key is to understanding what it is you need, while wading through all the acronyms. READ MORE:  Evaluating New Telecom Systems – Keys to Successful Deployment

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