Hosted VoIP – From Trend to Commonplace

Hosted VoIP – Just a few short years ago, many businesses were taking a wait and see Mitel-6873-SIP-Phoneapproach to the question of hosting their phone system in the cloud. Today, we see consistent adoption as systems and networks are more reliable, and market growth has soared in general.

Comtel’s Hosted VoIP continues to be the system of choice for many local and regional organizations. While we have many clients selecting premise based PBX systems today, the vast majority of businesses opted for a cloud based phone system in 2015.

Some of the reasons for Comtel’s success in Hosted VoIP locally are:

  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Hands-on Installation and Training
  • Local Staff, Field Service
  • Elimination of Telco Costs with Transition to Hosted PBX
  • Built-in Features, Usage, and Phone Bundle with our ALLINONE solution
  • Free remote programming, moves & changes

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Hosted VoIP From Trend to Commonplace