The State of Unified Communications



Unified Communications is a term that has been around for many years. It can mean many things to many people.  In this article, we will endeavor to provide Comtel’s view of what it is, the many ways it might benefit your business, and enable improved productivity.

In a large sense, unified communications covers any form of communication across one’s network, where a single user has access to multiple types of media such as a telephone on a VoIP system, a voice mailbox, unified messaging, as well as numerous applications that enable user mobility and/or provide more information to enhance a particular communication.  We break down the elements below.

Hosted VoIP: A telephone system that resides in the “cloud” – typically at a datacenter, providing voice and related applications to subscribers using a broadband, or dedicated connection.  These systems provide a plethora of integrated capabilities such as messaging, remote workers, contact center apps, mobility integration, presence, and much more.  At the very heart of a VoIP for business solution in Buffalo is the concept of unifying the communications experience.

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