Improving the Hosted VoIP Experience

Time really flies when you’re having fun! Remember 1995? It’s the year that saw the 1995OJ Simpson trial, Forrest Gump won Academy Award for Best Picture, and we also saw the introduction of the first Internet Phone Software (or what we affectionately call VoIP today). Many businesses are focusing on improving the Hosted VoIP experience.

Today, just 21 years later, VoIP is everywhere. The carrier networks use IP networks to carry voice calls routinely, businesses deploy VoIP phone systems at a greater rate than traditional digital systems, new phone lines (SIP trunks) are replacing copper POTs service at a fraction of the cost, and these trends will continue.

Still, with so much technology emerging, issues are sure to crop up. Who hasn’t experienced a call with choppy voice from time to time?  Or, gotten what felt like a delay in hearing another party’s voice on a call? Growing pains are a part of any new product, particularly when developers and manufacturers are relatively free to release new software, update systems, build new integrations, create new features.

Mitel-6873-SIP-PhoneWith business phone systems in Buffalo, NY and throughout the US, organizations are facing myriad questions when considering an upgrade of their phone system, and improving the hosted VoIP experience.

  • Do I want a premise based phone system or Hosted VoIP?
  • Is my infrastructure adequate to support VoIP?
  • What advantages does a Cloud Based Phone System provide?
  • If I select Cloud VoIP, will I get the same local installation, local training, and support?

The truth of the matter is these are all very good questions. There are more and more companies flocking to the Hosted VoIP market in Buffalo.  Many of these are solid firms, others perhaps need to be vetted more thoroughly.  Improving the VoIP experience entails a number of specifics that if managed well, will lead to excellent results. We all make buying decisions the same way we used to – it’s about the Company I am doing business with, how the product stacks up in meeting my requirements, what type of support I may expect, and what type of price performance (value) I will derive.


Comtel Whitepaper – Improving the Hosted VoIP Experience