Summer 2019 Cloud Connect Promo

Considering a transition to the “cloud”? Look no further than to Comtel. And during the Summer of 2019, we have excellent incentives for new, hosted VoIP customers.
Here are some of the highlights:
  • Reduced Price – save 10% to 40% on monthly subscriptions and 23% off select phone devices
  • No Set-up or Installation Fees
  • Complimentary Field Training, Remote Moves/Changes
  • Free Softphone App download (shares your desk phone extension, or operates on its own)
  • Try Before you Buy – Request a demo/trial of the Comtel VoIP System
Unlike may Hosted VoIP providers, we deploy client systems in a “single instance”, virtual PBX environment. Most providers implement in a multiple-tenant environment, which is less secure than a non-shared system.
Read our one-page Promo Overview Below.