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Enabling Business Communications is our paramount objective for our client base.Thank you for considering Comtel to serve your business communications needs. Since 1990, Comtel has delivered solutions that enable connectivity, simplicity, and integration of systems, networks, and people throughout the greater WNY area and beyond.

 Comtel is a local company, with strong roots in the community. When you invest with Comtel or one of our partner companies, you invest in the Buffalo economy.  Today, we lay claim to the largest market share of similar firms in the region, with more than 4,000 active clients.  Our successes are found in tremendous relationships across all industries, and may be found in businesses large and small alike.


Comtel employs a team of dedicated staff, a full complement of seasoned professionals to serve your ongoing requirements for products, support, training, or consultation. Our portfolio includes:


      • Cloud based and premise communication solutions
      • Digital, VoIP, and Wireless
      • Carrier/Network Services (voice lines, Broadband Internet, MPLS, fiber optics)
      • Messaging and unified communications, collaboration platforms
      • Mobility applications (remote worker, smart phone integration, wireless, etc.)
      • Infrastructure/Cabling
      • Contact Centers, Reports, Call Recording



With your decision to move forward with a new COMTEL telecommunications solution, a detailed implementation program is initiated. This program includes extensive planning throughout the following phases: survey/design, coordinated network changes, programming, installation, testing, training, acceptance, warranty and ongoing service. The project and ensuing system cutover begins with a planning session – a discussion with your designated company representative(s).  The purpose of this meeting is to develop and review the scope of work, assign responsibilities, form a comprehensive set of tasks and actions, and prepare a timetable for completion of required work. Developing a solid foundation for understanding roles, communicating access and availability, and recognizing internal and extraneous elements of a coordinated plan will ensure the best results.


COMTEL personnel will schedule and conduct a pre-cutover survey to specialists such as technical staff, trainers, and the like. Many times how we manage the initial discovery depends on the size and/or complexity of the installation. Our clear objective is to be as efficient as possible in an effort to make the transition as seamless as possible. Items that are among the focus areas for us:  develop the proper K-Plan (the “Blue Print” for implementing your new system). This may include implementation

  • Location of voice servers, relationship to inside network, wiring infrastructure.
  • Telephone Company’s interface location(s).
  • Designated location of all COMTEL provided telephone equipment.
  • Determine general system features and applications.
  • Design and customize feature programming for your telephone system and call processing.
  • Obtain all key contact information, such as company staff, and vendors who may require interaction or coordination of activities. COMTEL will coordinate all work with your local telephone company, data providers and other carriers, for purposes such as coordinating cutover dates, Reviewing inventory, numbering plans, Ordering of any new services needed to facilitate new system, verifying equipment terminations, other requirements such as data infrastructure if applicable.



  • COMTEL will coordinate Telco activities as well including any port orders, translations, numbering and hunting arrangements, and specific schedules. Customer is responsible for disconnect orders on services being replaced.
  • At cutover, all equipment will be installed and programmed as specified in the K-plans (programming details). Any common equipment will be installed, and all new cables terminated and labeled. It is COMTEL practice to build your system in our facility to ensure we test thoroughly and rigorously. This makes the on-site time to go-live less likely to be impacted by invalid software programming, or out of box failures.


Thank you for considering Comtel to serve your telecommunications needs.  Since 1990, Comtel has delivered solutions that enable connectivity, simplicity, and integration of systems, networks, and people throughout the greater WNY area and beyond.


VoIP System Training


You may count on a COMTEL customer service representative (CSR) to be present in your offices at the start of the first business day following cutover to assist your primary reception staff, office management and system administrator. If you are porting Telco services like voice lines, our staff will provide you with carrier contacts upon request to enable quick and efficient disconnect of your replaced services.

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