Phone Hacking Alert

Is your phone system protected from hackers? We are hearing of fraudulent efforts by “hackers” to infiltrate voice mail systems and use these systems to make outbound International calls.  It’s important to be vigilant about access, passwords, and the like.   Many customers use voice mail to send outdial notifications to cell phones of messages waiting and by limiting such outbound calling to local, industry experts suggest this as a good way to protect you from an unwanted “attack”.  We would further recommend close scrutiny of your carrier phone bill to check for any items that appear out of the ordinary.


Many phone systems have been breached and illegally used to make calls by hackers. Usually these calls are international, the charges can accumulate quickly, and you are left with exorbitant bills to pay. These calls are often made in the evening when the number of employees in the company is either low or non-existent. Some useful tips that can help keep your PBX Phone System in Buffalo, NY from being used without your knowledge:

  1. If you do not need to make international calls, request your phone service provider disable the option for international calls or implement a block within the PBX hardware.
  2. Consider disabling outbound call redirects and extension transferring to outside numbers.
  3. Change the default passwords needed to access your PBX. Create a policy of a frequent change of passwords.
  4. Regularly disable or delete unused phone numbers and extensions.
  5. Keep your phone system updated according to the latest security updates.
  6. Regularly check the call records as well as billing information. Take immediate action in case of any suspicious activity.

If you would like Comtel’s assistance  –  including a professional review of your bills, please contact us at 716-874-5500, or email so that we can review your current environment and identify areas of potential improvement.