6 Key Questions

6 Key Questionsmultilocation presence

Organizations Requiring Survivability, Mobility & Support


More and more today, particularly with the advent of smart phones and apps, we find that the typical worker is actually “working” in the office, in his/her car, at home, while shopping, pretty much wherever one goes.

As we leverage wireless technology, we also remain mindful of what can happen if there is an outage at our primary office location. What happens when the phone system breaks down, if a connection is lost, if our network has issues? With older technology (digital and analog), we relied on hardware – fixed assets with cards that chewed up physical cabinet and rack space, and fed hardwired devices. Our outside lines used T1’s, or analog POTs lines, also using critical real estate on printed circuit boards. When a line had a problem, or a card had a problem, one would dispatch a vendor, and have a repair call. When the T1 went down, or the phone CPU tanked, or the power was lost (all still occur with a lot of frequency), we were left without our ability to adequately communicate. Inbound calls rang no-answer, or were “busy”, auto attendants stopped answering calls, voice mail no longer worked as it was either part of the phone system, or relied on a PBX connection for its life. That was then… this is now. Build the right solution for your organization – whether a Hosted PBX, or Premise based VoIP Telephone system.


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