Automatic Failover for Hosted VoIP

Maximum uptime is the goal of every business. Now you can protect important voice communications with Automatic Failover for Hosted VoIP service. As we all know, no wired connection delivers 100% uptime. If you rely on voice communications, you can mitigate risk and protect your organization from unexpected outages with a failover solution from Comtel. Gain peace of mind with our inexpensive back-up alternative.

When a fixed Internet connection for your hosted VoIP has a service disruption, your business may feel impacts such as lost revenue, productivity, and customer experience issues.

Now you can implement a solution that keeps your voice communication working when your primary connection is out of service. Wireless WAN failover using 4G LTE can automatically provide survivable connectivity needed to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively when your primary circuit goes down for any reason.

– Plans start at $20/month!

– Works with major 4G LTE Carriers.

– Requires appropriate router and 4G Device

– Consult a Comtel representative today!


Auto Failover Drawing