Business Voice Traffic – Better Management through Better Tools

Businesses voice traffic is critical to any business. Managers today rely on many factors in running their respective operations. Understanding markets, customer requirements, competitive landscape, product performance, are just some of the considerations in determining decisions about the business. When it comes to the business phone traffic, many times it is managed on one’s “gut”.

For businesses that rely on voice traffic, that may not be enough to get the best results. Those who deploy reporting and analytics packages have an advantage.  Here are some scenarios for consideration.


What is your busiest call time during the day? You might guess right, but you are far better off knowing this. Why? For one, you will be able to have ample staff to handle the call traffic during your peak periods. And second, if you are better able to accommodate traffic, then your callers are getting better customer service in all likelihood. A solid reporting package will tell us this type of information.



Tracking of a specific call can be handy to understanding a service issue. Take the customer who says they called in, got transferred around to many people, was on hold for 10 minutes, and then finally talked to someone who could help. In this case, if you are able to see the call segments individually, you could determine how many staff “touched” the call, where it was transferred, and of course the amount of time the caller was on hold. Better yet, adding in a recording component would enable a manager to hear the conversation(s), and make decisions as to next steps. Better management via call reporting tools puts a business in position for improved success.


Many businesses employ groups of people who perform identical work. The assumption is that the phone workload is relatively evenly distributed.  But is it? Imagine being able to look at inbound and outbound calling by individual and department at a glance, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Managers can drive improved performance by those with lesser results with a review, and potentially reward staff who are handling more than their fair share. Depending on the business, you might even opt to set up a mini contact center and have the system automatically distribute inbound calls so that each member is handing their fair share.

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Business Voice Traffic – Better Management through Better Tools