Contact Center Solutions for Comtel Hosted VoIP

Businesses with high volumes of calls, or small groups of staff answering common calls are excellent candidates for a Contact Center solution. Comtel Hosted VoIP service is a feature rich system, and is complemented by our Queuemetric contact center applications. Measure, analyze and improve everything. Our Call Center software lets you monitor agent productivity, measure targets, conversion rates, and view campaign statistics with a simple easy to use interface

Our solution includes live monitoring of agents, group and enterprise stats, information on calls answered, wait times, call length, unanswered calls, overall volume, and many other reports.

Export your reports via email to get results to the right people in your organization. Whether you have a handful of “agents”, or several dozen, our Queuemetrics contact center is a great fit.

QueueMetrics collects data and generates analytical reports for over 150 metrics, including:

  • when did call come in and who answers
  • waiting time before the caller was connected to an agent and time needed to process the call
  • maximum, minimum, average and total waiting time and call processing time, as well as related data on service quality
  • call breakdown by agents, by dialed numbers, transferred calls by internal numbers, by queues, by direction, by position number in a queue, by choices taken in IVR
  • time on hold stats after connection, by agent, by country, region codes of calling and dialed subscribers

With QueueMetrics a supervisor tracks data on queues, calls and agents’ performance in real time, including:

  • incoming calls with phone numbers, wait times, conversation time and engaged agents
  • agents online status (available, busy, on pause), time of last connection to a queue
  • add and remove agents from queues
  • listen to agents conversations

QueueMetrics allows for a full-scale automated quality control of agents’ workflow and set of metrics definition for call grading. Supervisors create forms containing adjustable control criteria for subjective quality control, like for example:

Contact Center Report Sample

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