Comtel VoIP Cloud Based System

Considering a new telephone system, or unified communications platform? Introducing Comtel VoIP. Stable,  reliable, secure, and priced very competitively. We know that running a business presents many challenges and having a reliable telecommunication system can make a huge difference in one’s success. Comtel Hosted VoIP   provides an advanced voice platform, while enabling cost reductions in outside line service, electrical power,       hardware maintenance, software upgrades, training, and in administrative management costs.


With your system located “in the Cloud”, concerns over hardware reliability, ongoing maintenance, scalability, local power   outages, administration and such are no longer quite as worrisome. Consider:


The majority of businesses in 2015 are opting to make a switch from traditional premise based systems, to new, cloud hosted solutions for improved business continuity options, and greater expense control.


Comtel VoIP systems are virtually unlimited in terms of size and scope – you can grow as your business demands – either in a single building, or across the continent. Managing a Comtel VoIP system is equally simple. We perform remote moves and changes directly from our   Network Operations Center in Tonawanda. Our staff is available to change routing, call     forwarding, answering, numbering, and a myriad of other requirements. We’ll also train you to perform self-administration of the system if desired. In essence, we provide a solution that meets your specific needs. A Comtel business phone system is effectively a hassle free system for any business

See the attached PDF for additional information.


Comtel VoIP Overview (PDF)


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