Enhancing your VoIP Phone System Implementation

Today’s new VoIP Phone systems provide a wealth of standard capabilities. In truth, there are many similarities from one provider to another.  But, what are some of the less common, cool items on VoIP buyers’ shopping lists? Moving to a VoIP phone system brings many potential enhancements, some of which we discuss below.


On Premise Wireless Phones: Analog cordless phones just don’t cut it? They lack range, and/or features. Enter our Mitel Single Cell solution, with great coverage, plenty of features (Caller ID, Transfer, conference), plus the ability to “twin” the mobile phone to a desk phone on the Mitel 250 system. And you won’t break the bank!


Speech to Text: If you find yourself in a group meeting where it’s difficult to listen to voice mail, but you can read an email without distracting others, then Speech to text may be for you. There are a number of solutions on the market, including our quality Speech-Writer solution on our Comtel Hosted VoIP, or the MiCloud Connect system.


Team Collaboration: More and more, businesses that work in team environments are adopting tools that enable quicker communication with group messaging, Direct (1:1) messaging, Private or Public workspaces, sharing of content of almost any kind – including documents and gifs, creation of tasks associated with a workspace activity or project milestone, ability to launch impromptu conference calls for all members of the workspace, or join a conference call that is already in progress from within the workspace.


Next Gen Mobile Integration: Being able to twin a cell phone to an office desk phone is commonplace today. How about the ability to integrate your smart device with your desk phone and hand off calls in both directions, answer a call to your cell number directly on your office phone, sync your cell contacts with your office contacts, charge your smart phone on your office phone. Pretty cool stuff, available with our MobileLink solution.

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