Faster Internet, Less Cost


Business Demand for Faster Internet at Reduced Cost


Businesses today demand speed. Whether it’s a vendor’s response time, or how much bandwidth is available for an Internet connection, it’s all about more, better, faster.

At Comtel, we offer a variety of technology solutions including VoIP PBX Systems, Unified communications and mobility apps, and Carrier services featuring broadband and voice circuits from providers such as Spectrum, Centurylink, Verizon, among others.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen the bandwidth available in broadband environments increase from 50MBPS, to nearly 1 GBPS, while the cost is just about the same.

Comtel’s Carrier Services group has SIP trunks from Spectrum at $15.00 each – less than 50% of conventional phone lines!

We are bringing redundant data services to business clients with automatic failover using diverse providers.

Our SD WAN offerings let you combine a series of data network access products including dedicated fiber, T1, Broadband, DSL, and wireless into a solid option for businesses who want high performance, without a lot of SD-WAN simplifies the management of a WAN by separating networking hardware from its control mechanism. While delivering better overall performance, customers usually save on network costs.

Dedicated Fiber Internet options deliver speeds from 25MB to more than 1GB, complete with Service Level Agreement, and prices starting at $400.00.

New Spectrum voice/data plans provide customers with bundled pricing – complete with usage, taxes and surcharges.

Point to point connectivity is accomplished with reliable Ethernet WAN solutions, resulting in seamless collaboration across locations starts with a consistent and reliable connections. Spectrum’s high-capacity Ethernet solutions deliver secure and predictable wide-area network connectivity to keep your business running at enterprise speed.

Let Comtel take a look at your current environment, perform a billing analysis, and discussion of your specific voice/data requirements.

Our studies will usually find opportunity for reducing monthly costs, increasing service capacities, and obtaining high quality solutions.

Ask us about our Hosted VoIP service and our “managed services” approach. Rather than trying to determine “who” to contact for a question or issue, let Comtel handle your cloud PBX, and carrier services. Call us on 716 874-5500, or email us at