Mitel 6900 Series IP Phones with Phone Manager

MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones with Mitel Phone Manager – “a Powerful Combination”

 Mitel’ desktop portfolio is led by the MiVoice 6900 Series of ‘Mobile First’ IP Phones on the MiVoice Office 250. The 6920, 6930 and 6940 IP Phones deliver powerful new enhancements and a great new premium look and feel with sleek modern styling, MobileLink mobile integration support, exceptional HD Audio, and new end-user installable accessories are just some of the exciting new features of the MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones. For example, with MobileLink, just like your car’s BT integration, you can now answer mobile calls on your desk phone or make outgoing calls with your phone’s contacts automatically imported.

Next, imagine all the unified communications from the Mitel Phone Manager PC client on the desktop phone:

Avatars with enhanced BLF statuses, presence profiles, directory integration, incoming chat notification display, are just some of the unique features. By leveraging the power of the Mitel Phone Manager solution, we introduce Mitel’s new 6900 series phones on the MiVoice Office 250 with the added benefits of the MiVoice Office Application Suite. Now we can offer the same user experience from PC’s, to mobile devices, and now on the desktop.


Offering Unique Desktop Features


In addition to supporting the 6900 series local phones features, like MobileLink BT integration, Mitel delivers a new and enhanced user experience, a special set of features unique to this solution.

  • Avatars – similar to today’s mobile devices, a more friendly and familiar user Users are able to upload their own profile image for presence indications and caller identification. Image can even be used as an identifier on the 6940 phones.User-based BLF Indications – Displays User images/avatars and profile status User-based (not device-based) BLF shows status of a user on any of their associated Dynamic Extension Express
  • Presence Profiles / Control – Simplified presence profile control directly on the set. Able to select from a list of presence profiles, like what is offered today in Phone Manager, such as In the Office, Working from Home, Do Not Disturb, etc… Once activated, the presence feature key would be activated along with showing the type selected. Presence profiles are unique to the Phone Manager solution. Each custom profile is a combination of message labels, call routing and DND settings. Presence profiles can be selected from any Phone Manager client (e.g. on the mobile) and the change is automatically reflected on the 6900 desktops. Presence profiles selected on any client will automatically be reflected on the other clients. For example, if you leave the office and forget to set your presence profile on your 6900 phone, no problem, just simply change it on your mobile client.
  • Chat Notifications – Receive chat notifications sent by other Mitel Phone Manager users, from their PC or mobile clients, and will display the sender’s image.
  • System Speed Dials & Intercom Directories – The user can access consolidated directories including System Speed Dials, Intercom and local phone directories. If paired with a mobile phone, mobile contacts can also be searched, in addition to any LDAP directory (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Multi-Node Hotdesking – Hot desk from any phone in a multi-node environment, while still have access to your own personal keymaps & configurations
  • Call Recording Pause / Resume (*see Note) – Instead of accessing this feature on the Phone Manager PC Client, you can simply access it on the desktop phone directly. Can be used to pause/resume recording in association with optional MiVoice Office Call Recorder.
  • Calling Party Number Substitution (*see Note) – Instead of accessing this feature on the Phone Manager PC Client, you can simply access this feature on the desktop phone directly. Can be used to change the CLI presented by the handset for an outgoing call.
  • PBX Alarm Notifications, including Emergency Call Notifications – PBX Alarms to the screens of the phones. This includes Emergency Call Notification – when an emergency call is placed from somewhere else in the system, the system generates a corresponding alarm and an audio beep is presented on the Admin Phone to draw the user’s attention. The same notifications would also be delivered to the desktop PC Client. This feature functionality is already available through Phone Manager PC Desktop banner alerts for Team Leader users.


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Mitel 6900 Series on 250 Overview