Comtel Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Comtel offers fully hosted VoIP phone system called Comtel VoIP across Buffalo and Western New York.

The Comtel VoIP phone system provides small businesses, call centers and local retail stores in Buffalo with premium voice and data service, providing solutions for each company’s telephone service needs.

Remember that closet full of equipment on your traditional business phone system? With the Comtel VoIP phone system, you won’t need any of that equipment. You will get an advanced, reliable, cost-effective feature rich system that can grow with your business.

Take control of your business phone system with the Comtel VoIP phone system, which boasts a robust web interface that allows customers to instantly make changes to their service or enables Comtel’s team to make the change remotely. No more service calls, no more waiting and no more bills. The Comtel VoIP phone system can save your business more than 50% when compared to traditional phone systems.

The Comtel VoIP phone system will put your business on a completely private IP network for voice transport. This will ensure you the most reliable service with all the security you need. Comtel delivers your voice and data over a small connection that dynamically allocated and prioritizes voice and data services.

View all the voip for business features the Comtel VoIP Phone system has to offer.

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