Get Smart with Comtel Hosted VoIP and your iOS or Android Device

Our hosted VoIP system enables integration of your “smart” devices like iPhone, iPad, and others. Business users demand mobility today – workers are on the road, working from home, traveling between offices, visiting clients, and more. Now, Comtel Hosted VoIP customers are able via simple download to make use of a powerful App that will enable a worker’s availability when they want, and where they want. And, the Wave App provides many of the same features you would have available on a traditional deskphone.

The Wave App lets you make and receive calls as if you were sitting in your office. It can operate as a standalone extension, or share your deskphone’s extension number. On outbound calls from the App, your Caller ID is your office (not your cell phone).

Comtel Smart App

The Wave App offers numerous features:

Intercom: Dial other users with 3 or 4 digit extension number.

Call Hold and Retrieve: Place calls on hold easily, and retrieve with the press of a button.

Park Retrieve: Pick up a “Parked Call” anywhere.

Multi-Call: Receive second call while talking, and place first call on hold to answer.

Conference: Set up multi-party conferences easily.

Contacts: Set up your User contacts for click to call.

Busy Status: See visual status of co-workers (on phone/offline) and call them instantly.

Group Agent: Be part of a “contact center” and handle sales/service calls.

Roam Free: Users may set up the App to work only in WiFi areas only, or also where cell coverage is available.

Failover Device: Be one of the staff set to receive calls in the event of Internet circuit outage.









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