Hosted VoIP or Premise VoIP

Cloud Based VoIP

           Mitel 6800 Series IP Phone Family

Premise VoIP

Mitel Office 250 Server






Which flavor makes the most sense for your business – Hosted VoIP or premise?  There is little mistaking the fact that manufacturers are pouring money into developing new and better VoIP PBX solutions.

Are you better off with a traditional server based deployment? You might be if you lack the infrastructure for a full deployment of IP phones.  On the other hand, technologies are readily available today that allow for conversion of TDM (digital) signals into IP.  In this way, even phone locations 500-1,000 feet from your common equipment may be served with a high performance VoIP system.

In our case, Hosted PBX systems reside in Comtel’s case in a secure, virtual environment.  These facilities are equipped with redundancies such as dual power grids, survivable servers, and the like.  In Comtel’s case, we also build each customer’s system in its own virtual PBX, ensuring no interference from what other PBX customers may be doing with their systems. This is called a “single-instance” environment.  It is viewed as much more secure than shared tenancy, especially by healthcare, financial services, and government organizations. With multiple-tenant environments, when the vendor performs upgrades, all tenants get them – whether they want them or not.

There is little question today that hosted PBX offer the simplest deployment model, a stable of standard capabilities, and most plans offer an all-inclusive program. Being able to replace outside phone lines (and in many cases a high cost) is desirable, with such savings leveraged toward hosted subscription expenses. Traditional premise based PBX systems can be a better choice in cases where upgrading one’s infrastructure is too costly to run VoIP, or where sophisticated applications are better accommodated by a premise system.  Alternatively, companies with a mobile workforce, seasonal changes in call volume, multiple locations or the desire to standardize your communication platform should consider adopting a hosted
voice solution.



Hosted or Premise Based Phone Systems Overview 3-2018