Mitel SIP DECT Wireless Solution

With mobility being so critical to everyday business, having an in-building solution that enables easy access to important staff is made possible with Mitel’s SIP DECT solution.

The Single Cell product solution has a broad appeal across a number of vertical markets. Customers who require a low cost cordless handset solution will appreciate the simplicity and the range provided by the DECT technology for personal area mobility. In the hospitality market, hotel guests will appreciate the convenience of additional cordless phone extensions in their rooms, while IT staff will appreciate the cost savings of servicing an entire room or suite of rooms with a single LAN drop.

This is a great mobility solution for businesses and integrates well with Mitel products such as MiVoice Office 250. Some highlights:

  • Supports up to 20 x phones from a single base station, enabling more users to be added without additional cabling for desktop phones
  • Highly secure encrypted wideband voice technology with 5 x simultaneous calls
  • Add up to 3 x repeaters for additional coverage
  • Supports Conferencing, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Hold and many more SIP telephony features from the MiVoice Business and MiVoice Office communications solutions
  • Working with MiVoice Business and MiVoice Office 250 it provides an easily implemented mobility solution for small and medium business and enterprise markets.

See the PDF below for full details.

Mitel SIP DECT Single Cell Overview