Important update for toshiba customers

March 29, 2017

Dear Comtel Clients,

Last week, Toshiba informed us that as part of Toshiba Corporation’s continuing global restructuring, Toshiba will wind-down its telecommunication systems business.

We want to reassure you that COMTEL is committed to continuing support of your existing Toshiba telephone and voice mail systems.

Here is the information we have at this time:

Toshiba will continue to support ALL warranty and maintenance obligations to customers through us as your authorized dealer.

We will be able to place orders for new systems through May 21, 2017 as supplies last.

After May 21st, 2017, we will be able to order new phones and circuit boards as supplies last. Licenses will also be available for expansion to your systems.

Toshiba is obligated to deliver technical support and system critical spare parts to their authorized dealers for 7 years after the last system is shipped.

COMTEL will maintain an inventory of certified refurbished phones, cards and systems for as long as we are able to. COMTEL’s warranty on refurbished equipment is 12 months.

COMTEL is committed to continuing support for our Toshiba clients, and expanding our portfolio of products to accommodate your Telecommunications requirements today and into the future.

COMTEL’s website will be updated as additional info becomes available, or we will send updates via email. If you would like to be added to our confidential list of clients that will receive these emails, send an email to with “Toshiba Update” in the subject field.

Please contact our customer service team @ 716 874-5500 or email with any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your continued business and support,


David A. Adams